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Binary Option

A rate of return as high as 85% can be earned within a few minutes only by predicting the future orientation of assets. Experienced or not, you can understand the trading strategies very easily and have a pleasant experience in trading.

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MetaTrader 4

To trade like experts

MetaTrader 4 is the most popular and widely-used trading platform in the globe. It has a humanized trading interface and can supply various kinds of trading charts for reference. Its direct connection with the market enables people to trade like experts.

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Your optimal and simplest
financialinstrument for investment

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No matter whether you have experience in investment or not, you can make a wise determination in investment to increase your opportunities to make a profit. You will have more chances to gain a higher rate of return on investment by taking advantage of a wide range of commodities, currencies, stocks and indexes provided by fxglory. So join us now to make your financial dreams come true!

AUDCAD 0.9544 AUDCHF 0.7126 AUDJPY 87.595 AUDUSD 0.7253 EURCHF 1.0856 EURGBP 0.7196 EURJPY 133.436 EURNZD 1.6297 EURUSD 1.1048 GBPCHF 1.5082 GBPJPY 185.385 GBPUSD 1.535 GOLD 1163.68 SILVER 15.83 OIL GOLDEURO 1053.02 SILVEREURO 14.32 CADCHF 0.7464 CADJPY 91.755 NZDUSD 0.6776 USDCAD 1.3157
The highest liquidity: The average trading volume is more than USD 1 trillion per day
24h transaction: to respond and take advantage of market fluctuation at any time
Huge market size: No single entity can control market price
Always bull market: Whichever currency is bullish or bearish, traders all have bull transaction opportunities.
Binary option (bi-element period right) is the most popular and easiest investment commodity nowadays!
Bi-: represents direction: rise or fall
Element: represents diversified commodity transaction
Period: represents expiration time (such as 1min/15min, etc.)
Right: represents the due rights and interests
Combined with the client experience of market service institutions, Fxglory can provide more reference and thinking when facing the retail market of institutions.
The clients’ funds are deposited in special margin accounts and supervised by Australian authoritative regulator (AFSL); strict separation is implemented.
Fxglory is quoted directly by Reuters and other several banks, which guarantees the quick and secure quotation and improves the transparency of transaction environment and trading fairness.
Fxglory adopts the trading channels among multiple banks; the counter-parties are all world-class commercial investment banks; it can provide sufficient liquidity even in the immediate market conditions.
Binary option is one of the simplest trading tools—what you need is to forecast the trend of specific trading assets, and it can be higher or lower than the current price.
Trading binary option:
● Without uncontrolled risk for deposit loss
● No loss for excess funds invested in the transaction
● Certainty of future return
● You can know accurate profit amount before the transaction
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